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  • Hearing Test (basic non-diagnostic)

    Find out how your hearing is and whether you need a diagnostic test - for free!
  • ENT pre-tests for referral

    If you have medical concerns with your ears or hearing including balance, an assessment is done for your primary care physician for an ENT referral. We provide all documentation to the doctors.
  • (Pre-)Employment Tests

    If you need a test for work purposes or to renew a license, apply for a job or maintain your employment status for RCMP, workplace or other reasons, we provide a clinical test. Fees cover liabilities and are standard for insurance and third party regulations.
  • Adult Diagnostics

    We perform a full hearing evaluation to establish hearing change or loss and make appropriate recommendations for treatment and technologies. If you think you have a hearing loss, or your hearing is changing, this test will provide the information you need to make appropriate decisions.
  • Pediatric Diagnostics

    We provide full pediatric assessments to diagnose ear, hearing or processing issues with children. This includes middle ear assessments, hearing sensitivity assessments and screenings for auditory processing disorder (age appropriately, 7+). Full APD testing is also offered.
  • Tinnitus Assessments

    We provide full hearing assessments with emphasis and further testing for tinnitus (ringing in the ear). This test will determine what causes the tinnitus, how to treat it and appropriate solutions to consider moving forward with full documentation to other participating care providers.
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment (kids)

    A test of auditory processing ability for kids ages 7+ with normal hearing sensitivity. Will provide recommendations for treatments and technology or other inter-disciplinarian assessments and day-to-day strategies for managing APD.
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment (adults)

    Assessment of spacial hearing ability for adults experiencing little or no hearing loss but increasing difficulty with understanding speech in noisy places. Will provide treatment, technology or referral recommendations and GP reporting (as always!).
  • Legal Forensic Assessment

    Testing for the purpose of assessing and reporting hearing-related issues including conductive hearing loss, tinnitus and physiological ear and Eustachian Tube structure and function often involved in insurance claims with motor vehicle incidences. Costs vary by time spent on the case. Court appearances for expert witnessing is optional and available when necessary.


  • Auditory Training

    We provide LACE auditory training to help people with difficulty hearing in noise to re-train their auditory processing centres and improve auditory processing ability. The program is home-based and run on your computer with multiple auditory exercises. Think of it as Sudoku for your hearing.
  • Auditory Processing Training

    Pediatric auditory processing deficit can be treated with auditory training specifically designed as a fun tablet game that improves auditory function centrally.
  • Sound Therapy

    Using the latest neuroscience technology, sound is used to improve hearing with filtered recordings that research shows can improve hearing, concentration, focus and auditory processing. The program will work over about 3 months and is home-based for user convenience. It comes with a player, headphones and a guide on how to proceed through the treatment effectively.
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

    TRT is the most recognized form of tinnitus treatment. Using ear-level devices that are on loan during the 6-8 week treatment, sound is used to combat the tinnitus and re-program the auditory centres to habituate to the sound of tinnitus. With associated information that is provided, the patient will see a significant decline or elimination of bothersome tinnitus. We are part of the TRT Association (http://www.tinnitus-pjj.com) and the only recognized provider in Alberta.


  • Hearing Aids

    We prescribe, fit, reprogram, service and support all brands of hearing aids. Costco hearing aids are locked in their firmware and may not be adjustable but we may be able to find work-arounds for that! Prices range from $925-$3300 per device depending on the level of technology you require or want, ranging from essential amplifiers, mid-range sound processors to premium noise reduction technology.
  • Tinnitus Combination Instruments

    Priced the same as hearing aids, TCI's are used for people experiencing tinnitus, with or without hearing loss. These devices can be purchased with or without TRT treatment. They have sound-generators built in to help manage tinnitus.
  • Roger Accessories

    Roger is a noise-reduction and speech-enhancement technology that can be used with most hearing aid brands and models. Roger microphones are remote, so you can put it on a meeting room or restaurant table and it will pick up the speech, and send it wirelessly to your hearing devices using a proprietary non-bluetooth, self-levelling, automatically adjusting signal and enhance speech 20 dB above background noise. For those who need it, it is a godsend! Hearing aids generally give up to 8 dB speech over noise enhancement so this is a lot more! All Roger accessories are provided with an initial 30 day free trial period. We are Roger Certified which means that they are priced at well below retail pricing.
  • Roger Focus

    We provide Roger Focus technology when hearing aids are not required. The Focus is an ear-level receiver for the Roger remote microphone that can enhance speech for those with normal hearing but processing challenges when trying to understand speech in noisy places. They are also indicated for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), auditory processing disorder (APD), ADHD or ADD. We are Roger Certified which means that they are priced at well below retail pricing. We will also send them for trial outside of Fort McMurray.
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

    We support BAHA devices of all brands. In Alberta, they are surgically prepared in Edmonton and included with the surgery. They need regular service and programming adjustments as hearing changes. They last about 5 years and then can be replaced. We can order, service and program them while monitoring your hearing change. Any tests that show candidacy for BAHA are referred to the Edmonton program through AHS.


  • Financing

    Hearing technology can be expensive. We provide MediCard financing that will make it more accessible and affordable. The financing can be paid out penalty-free at any time. The rates and terms can be determined through the application process that we can work through with you. It is easy and hassle free.
  • Coverage

    Whether you qualify for any governmental program like WCB (any province), AADL, AISH, NIHB (DIA) or DVA (VAC) or union, workplace or other coverage, we will sort out the paperwork, process and help you get the financial coverage you are entitled to.
  • Legal Forensic Audiology

    We provide full legal reporting and trial support as experts in audiology including hearing change, tinnitus, hyperacusis and mysophonia. We have worked with various insurances, a number of law firms and are available as expert witnesses for the prosecution or defense when hearing is involved.
  • Workplace Accommodations

    We advocate for our patients in the school or workplace to optimize hearing. There may be suggestions for contextual or technological adjustments to set our patient up for success. We are the clinic that provided the solution for 911 dispatchers to be able to hear all incoming audio even with hearing aids and created a protocol that can be implemented across the country.
  • Reprogrammings

    If you have hearing aids and they need to be adjusted we can retest and reprogram your devices and make them work better. Sometimes you don't need to get a new hearing aid if the ones you have are still working! Its $75 per ear, and you can also add the verification service to this.
  • Real Ear Hearing Aid Verification

    We will use the latest in real ear technology to verify your hearing aids are working, especially if an employer needs that confirmation. We can also see how well they're working and make recommendations on improving your hearing with your devices. We charge the same for 1 or both ears.


  • Custom Ear Pieces

    Custom ear pieces or "ear molds" are intended for a variety of needs. We take an ear impression, it is sent away, and manufactured with medical grade silicones with varying densities for whatever purpose they will be used for including swimming, sleeping, hearing protection (noise plugs) or hearing devices. Our "noise defenders" are custom ear pieces that come in virtually any color or 2-tone colors and are WCB/OSHA certified for hearing conservation industrial standards. We even connect them to hearing devices so you just mute your hearing aids in noise and are fully protected. If you need ear molds for your hearing aids they will run $70. A set of defenders costs $150 and a set of musician plugs (calibrated) costs $250.
  • Batteries

    We provide PowerOne batteries which are made in Germany. They boast a long battery life and less surging on the circuit when high drain is demanded. We charge $45 for a box of 60 cells which is more than a year supply for one device. Look out on our social media presence for sales and discounts!
  • Hearing Aid Care

    We have a full supply of all hearing aid maintenance products from tube blowers, tubes, domes, ear gene (for itchy ears) and a variety of dry aid kits (dehumidifiers). Whatever you need, we've got it!
  • Accessories

    We have a full array of assisitive listening devices such as alarm clocks, pillow alert systems, tinnitus sound generators and more. Check with your clinician to see what we can find for your needs.


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About us

Free testing, no wait lists and no "Fort Mac Tax"! 

We are the only Audiology private practice provider in Fort McMurray. AHS at the hospital has public audiology services, and we provide the same and additional audiology services for all ages with no referral necessary. We provide hearing protection, hearing assessments, hearing aids and work with all funding sources including WCB, DVA, AADL, AISH, NIHB and more.  Full service, full-time and local. 

We bring experience to the practice of Audiology. Dr. Markus Hilbert has experience in public and private health care and has been industry involved for 25 years. 

If you wish to save the costs of multiple trips to Edmonton for hearing aid fittings and service, NOW YOU CAN STAY LOCAL.  Our consultation includes reviewing all medical options, a hearing assessment, paperwork and reporting for medical and insurance purposes, and a full review. 

You get a treatment plan and evidence based advice for your unique condition and your doctor and other care providers if applicable will get results and reporting.  We don’t just do hearing tests, we do an in-depth consultation.

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